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GalleryOne Stainless Steel Cable Hanging System


GalleryOne Picture Hanging System stainless steel

The GalleryOne stainless steel cable art hanging system has just three main components: a wall-mounted track in your choice of white or paintable anodized aluminum, slender stainless cable hangers that can be inserted and positioned anywhere along the track, and sturdy hooks (including our tool-free Push-Button Hook) that securely grip the cable and support your art display. (Click image to enlarge)

  • Unobtrusive, rugged, and quick and easy to use
  • The cables are slender— just 1.2mm — yet capable of supporting up to 30 pounds per cable hook or 60 pounds when used in pairs
  • Hooks slide easily up and down the cables for vertical adjustment
  • Push-Button Hooks offers instant tool-free adjustment; Classic Hooks lock with the simple wrench provided
  • Hanging Capacities
    • 30 pounds using a single hook
    • 60 pounds using two cables and two hooks
    • Multiple pictures may be hung on one cable; 33 pounds maximum per cable

You can place your order for individual parts below, or use our order form to choose a complete system. Get personal assistance and request free samples by calling 800-460-8703, or use our simple Contact Form.


Track-Anodized for GalleryOne Art Gallery Hanging System

Track, GalleryOne, Anodized, 4.5 foot (with wall mounts)

Sleek GalleryOne track in 4.5-foot lengths; anodized aluminum finish can be easily painted. (Also available in white painted finish.) Track is easily cut, and no drilling is required, making installation a straightforward job. Full instructions included, and our team will help you started with your art hanging system.

  • Minimal, gallery-style appearance
  • Easy snap-on track mounting, with
    unique self-aligning wall anchors (included)
  • Anodized finish can be painted

NOTE: Minimum order quantity is two tracks

Tracks - White for GalleryOne Picture Hanging Systems

Track, GalleryOne, White, 4.5 foot (with wall mounts)

As above, in white painted finish. Includes wall mounts.

NOTE: Minimum order quantity is two tracks.


Track Options

Picture Hanging Systems by Gallery System

Extra Wall Mounts, GalleryOne, 5-pack

Additional wall mounts for GalleryOne tracks - package of five.

End Caps - Anodized, for GalleryOne Picture Hanging System

End Caps, GalleryOne, Anodized, 1 pair

This economical option gives the GalleryOne track a clean, finished look at corners as well as track ends.

  • Easily mounted without tools
  • Silver color matches anodized aluminum track (white also available)
  • Package contains 1 pair end caps
End Caps - White - for GalleryOne Art Hanging Systems

End Caps, GalleryOne, White, 1 pair

As above, in white.


Hanger Packs

Hangers for GalleryOne Art Hanging System

Hangers, Cable, GalleryOne, 6.5 foot, 10-pack

Slender stainless steel cables hook easily into the GalleryOne track, and hang down to support your artworks. The cables can be effortlessly positioned anywhere along the wall-mounted track — just insert and hang.

  • Available in 6.5-foot (2-meter) cable length
  • Excess cable can be coiled directly behind the hanging art
  • Sold in packages of 10

Hook Packs

Push Button Mini-Hooks for GalleryOne Picture Hanging System

Hooks, Pushbutton, GalleryOne (cable only), 10-pack

Our easiest-to-use art hanging hook adjusts instantly without tools. Simply depress the button at the top of the hook, and slide to any position on the cable. When the button is released, the hook locks to the GalleryOne cable with a three-point ball-bearing grip, ready to hold your art.

  • Comes in packages of 10
  • Holds up to 30 pounds per hook
  • Requires Stainless Steel Cable System; not compatible with Clear Tape System


Classic Mini-Hooks for GalleryOne Art Hanging Tracks

Hooks, Classic, GalleryOne (cable or tape), 10-pack

Compatible with both Cable and Clear Tape GalleryOne art hanging systems, the Classic Mini-Hook is an economical choice that still offers full adjustability to any height. Locks in place to hold your art, using the simple wrench provided.

  • Comes in packages of 10
  • Holds up to 30 pounds per hook on cable systems, 15 pounds per hook on tape system
  • Excellent choice for installations using both cable and tape
Push Button Security Hooks for Gallery System Gallery Hanging Systems

Hooks, Security, GalleryOne and Original Gallery System (cable only), 10-pack

Works the same as our Pushbutton Hook, with the addition of a locking arm that closes across the hook opening to deter theft in art galleries and other public art exhibition spaces. The arm locks firmly when the hook is secured to the cable. This provides a measure of protection from "snatch and run" theft and from art falling in earthquake-prone areas.

  • Comes in packages of 10
  • Holds up to 44 pounds per hook with Original Gallery System hangers, or up to 30 pounds with GalleryOne hangers
  • Works only with Stainless Steel Cable system - not compatible with Clear Tape System


Art Gallery Hanging Systems for Art Displays

GalleryOne Starter Kit, Anodized, 13.5 feet

A pre-configured professional art hanging system at a value price.


13.5 feet of GalleryOne wall track (three 4.5-foot sections, anodized aluminium, wall mounts included)

10 GalleryOne hanger assemblies with 6.5 feet of stainless steel cable

10 deluxe pushbutton hooks for instant tool-free adjustment

Two sets of end caps

Free shipping (to continental US addresses only)