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For Your Home or Studio
picture hanging systems for home art walls

Creating an art wall, hanging family photos, or preparing your open studios display?

Looking for new perspective on an artwork in progress? 

The gallery hanging system for home & studio is the answer!

Gallery System lets you put art on your wall with precise placement and no hammers, nails, or wall damage. Our elegantly simple picture hanging systems are the home gallery hanging systems trusted by thousands of artists, art lovers, and art hanging professionals.

Create a gallery wall in your home or studio the easy way — hang or change your art in seconds.

See our complete product line now, including optional integrated lighting - or, see our best value starter kit.

Want professional tips on creating great displays? Check our How to Hang Art archive.

Just Three Simple Components
Gallery Hanging Systems for Home and Studio Displays

Gallery System picture hanging systems offer unparalleled flexibility — create beautiful, gallery-like spaces, or get fresh perspective in your studio. Just three basic components -- wall-mounted tracks, and quick-adjusting hangers and hooks -- enable you to refine your display or artwork until it matches your vision.

As artist and designer Laurie Baars puts it:

"[Gallery System] is really freeing! It's made it so much easier to put pieces up and live with them for a little while to see if things are working. Then if they aren't, I can easily swap out pieces, move things around, and play with it until I get it just right."

California landscape artist Haley Coleman says:

"Using a hanging system in my own home has been a game changer.  On one wall I hang one or two finished pieces. On the other I hang works in progress...If a detail of a painting just isn’t sitting right with me in the studio, I’ll hang it in my home where I can look at it throughout the day; sometimes on the fifth walk-past I see what’s missing, and it clicks!"

Systems for picture hanging without nails

Get started for as little as $239, or choose your own components from our complete line of gallery hanging systems for home art hanging, including optional integrated lighting.

Get a free, no-obligation Gallery System sample kit - call 1-800-460-8703, send us an email, or use our simple Contact Form.

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We’re Happy to Help With Your Gallery Wall System
Gallery wall hanging with picture hanging systems

Gallery System is committed to personal service and outstanding support, before and after purchase.

We'll help you choose the most economical and effective gallery hanging system, and provide an industry-best lifetime limited warranty.

Ideal for Art Collectors
Display of art in corner of room over staircase using picture hanging system

Photo courtesy Miette Michie

“We picked a perfect but difficult spot to hang my artwork; it's above stairs so a high ladder and scaffolding were needed to install. This is the end product and it is fabulous! We painted the tracks the same color as the walls, and the plastic wire is almost invisible. Very, very happy with it!”

Miette Michie