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Installing Lighting Option: Original Gallery System

Lighting Option for Art Hanging System

The Lighting System is integrated into the Original Gallery System tracks. The flat power cable lies in the groove on top of the track (see image below) and carries 12-volt current to the light wands.

The light wands lock onto the track at any point and draw power through contact probes on their base, supplying the LED or halogen bulb.

The 12-volt Lighting System is safe and reliable; we recommend using a licensed electrician for installation.

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The main components for the Lighting System
A Picture Hanging System With Optional Lighting


Light Wands

ready to attach at any point along the track

LED or Halogen Lighting for Gallery Displays


Long life, low energy consumption lamps illuminate your art from close enough to bring pictures to life. Low wattage LED lamps (on left) or standard halogen 12-volt MR-16 bulbs.

Original Gallery System Art Track Hanging


Power Cable

Sturdy flat cable fits easily into a channel on top of the wall-mounted track, where it is held in place with double-sided adhesive tape (included). The cable is hidden from sight and wraps easily around corners. When a light wand is locked into place, contact probes connect to the cable's conductors to deliver safe 12-volt power to the bulb.

Lighting Transformer for Gallery System Art Hanging


Junction Box

Installs next to the wall-mounted track, connecting the power cable to the 12-volt power supply from the transformer — it also incorporates circuit breakers to prevent electrical overload


Transformer (not shown)

Converts wall voltage (120 volts) to 12 volts