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Place Your Order: Looped Cable Picture Rail Hangers

Looped Cable Picture Rail Art Hanging SystemRooms already equipped with picture rails and S-hooks or installed wall hooks can now have the instant hanging and adjustment capabilities of a Gallery Stainless Steel Cable picture hanging system. Sleek looped cable hangers come in 6.5 foot and 9.8 foot lengths (sold in packs of 10); just add your preferred choice of hook (deluxe Pushbutton offers instant tool-free adjustment, Security adds a measure of theft and earthquake protection, and economical Classic adjusts with included wrench). 

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Typical installations require 10 hangers per 20-30 feet of hanging area.

Looped Picture Rail Cable Hanger for Art Hanging
Looped Cable Hangers for Picture Rail Moldings, 6.5 foot, 10-pack

Looped steel cable hangers for use with your S-hook, picture rail molding hook, or wall hook, pack of 10, with 6.5 foot (2 meter) cables (also available in 9.8 foot (3 meter) cable length and in custom lengths by special order). Provides the easy adjustability and clean look of a picture hanging system without altering your interior. Slender 1.2mm cable accommodates any Original Gallery System hook design (Pushbutton, Security, or Classic; see below).

Looped Cable Hangers-3-meter (10 foot)
Looped Cable Hangers for Picture Rail Moldings, 9.8 foot, 10-pack

As above, with 9.8-foot (3 meter) cable length. 



Hooks are sold in packs of 10. Typical installations require one pack per 20-30 feet of hanging area, or more if hanging multiple works on single hangers (i.e., in vertical columns).

Push Button Hook for Original Gallery System Art Hanging System
Hooks, Pushbutton, Original Gallery System (Steel Cable only), 10-pack

Pushbutton Hooks, pack of 10, chrome-color, for use with Original Gallery System Steel Cable picture hanging systems and Picture Molding systems (not compatible with Clear Tape or Clearline systems or GalleryOne). Instant, tool-free adjustment: depress the button at the top of the hook, slide to any position on the cable, and release the button to lock the hook in place with a three-point ball-bearing grip. Capacity 44 pounds per hook.

Classic Hook for Gallery System Picture Hanging System
Hooks, Classic, Original Gallery System (Steel Cable or Clear Tape), 10-pack

Classic Hooks, pack of 10, for use with Original Gallery System Steel Cable and Clear Tape art hanging systems, and with our systems for picture moldings (not compatible with Clearline or GalleryOne systems). An economical choice that offers robust performance and easy adjustment using the simple wrench provided. Capacity of 44 pounds per hook on Steel Cable systems, 33 pounds on Clear Tape.

Security Hook for Gallery System Picture hanging systems
Hooks, Security, GalleryOne and Original Gallery System (Steel Cable only), 10-pack

Security Hooks, pack of 10, for use with our Steel Cable art hanging systems. Similar to our Pushbutton Hook, with added locking arm that covers the hook opening for a measure of protection against theft and seismic activity. Capacity 44 pounds per hook with Original Gallery System hangers, 30 pounds with GalleryOne hangers.



HangRight Clip on back of painting, holding cable of picture hanging system
HangRight Clips - pack of 10

A simple, effective way to ensure that pictures don't lean forward — the simple HangRight clip holds the hanging system cable close to the rear of the artwork, keeping it flat to the wall. Easy one-screw installation.