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Using Steel Cable and Clearline Hangers: Original Gallery System

Steel Cable Art Hanging System

Fit the steel cable or Clearline into the hanger and feed it all the way through so the brass fitting sits on the hanger.



Hanging System for Art-slide-hanger


Slide the hanger into the track. It will slide to any position along the track. The track slide is designed so that it can be fitted into the track or removed at any point along the track length, or it can slide in from one end. This means less remounting of other works when rehanging. See a video demonstration 



Hooks for Gallery System Picture Hanging System


Attach the Push Button hook by feeding the end of the steel cable or Clearline through the hook from the top. While the push button is held down, the hook will move freely, allowing adjustment up or down to the desired position. (NOTE: use chrome-colored Pushbutton Hooks only on Steel Cable systems, black-colored Pushbutton Hooks only on Clearline systems.)

You can put more than one hook on a hanger.



Push Button Hooks Art Gallery Hanging System


Lock the Push Button hook onto the steel cable or Clearline.  After moving the hook to the desired position with the pushbutton held down, release the button and the hook will grip firmly, ready to hold your art.

You can put more than one hook on a hanger.





Alternatively, you can use the Classic Hook (Steel Cable systems) or Classic Mini-Hook (Clearline systems).  Fit the hook onto the cable or Clearline and adjust it up or down to the position you want. Lock it into place with the hex wrench provided in the pack. 

You can put more than one hook on a cable.


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