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Installation and setup

Our Picture Hanging System in Use at a Boston Gallery

Installing Gallery System Picture Hanging Systems is a Simple, Handyman-type Job

As with any project, careful measurement and planning will ensure top-quality results.

Installation questions or advice? We're happy to help - call our experienced customer service
team at 800-460-8703, send us an email, or use our simple Contact Form.

Our Hanging System for Art, on Newbury Street, Boston

Original Gallery System

Get installation overview for Original Gallery System picture hanging systems, including those using the optional Gallery Lighting System.

Home Installation - Gallery System Picture Hanging System

GalleryOne System

Get installation overview for GalleryOne picture hanging systems.

See the Instantly Adjustable Pushbutton Hook in Action!
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Instantly place a hanging hook exactly where you need it - Gallery System's Pushbutton Hook is available for both the Original Gallery System and GalleryOne art hanging systems.