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How to Hang Art and Art Display Advice from the Pros

How to Hang Art: Art Hanging Advice from Professionals



Gallery System customers often ask for advice on how to hang art in the most effective ways. The following articles provide professional perspectives on creating effective art displays. If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at

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Art Hanging Basics: Steps to Attractive Displays

Learn how to hang art effectively with simple, easy to follow advice from art hanging professional Marilyn Swift, owner of an art gallery on Boston’s North Shore. She explains her system for hanging art, and how to apply your own personal taste and visual intelligence.

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Hanging Basics: Creating Effective Groups
Professional Art Hanging Advice on Grouping Artworks

Art hanging professionals know how to hang art in groups, to attract and engage viewers more effectively than single pieces can. Learn about systems for art hanging in effective groupings in this Art Hanging Basics article.

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Hanging Basics: Lighting for Art Displays
How do I light my art display? Here are some tips

Effective lighting helps ensure that viewers can see and appreciate the artworks you’re showing. Here are some strategies and tips on how to light art displays in a wide variety of venues on any budget.

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Hanging Basics: Salon Style Hanging
Renwick Salon Style Art Hanging - How To Do it Well

Salon style art hanging can be a great way to create effective displays of paintings, photos and other works - and to better utilize art display space in your gallery, office or home. Here are simple tips on how to hang art in this historical, hip, and useful system for picture hanging.

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A Buyer's Guide to Art Hanging Systems
Choosing the Best Art Gallery Hanging System - a Buyer's Guide

Here’s some advice on how to choose a picture hanging system from among the many on the market today. With a little research, you can select a supplier and product line that will serve you well for many years.

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Lighting for Art Galleries and Display Spaces: A Buyer's Guide
Lighting for Art Display Lighting Solutions

Choosing art lighting for your display space can be confusing, given the many available options. Here are some tips on a strategic approach that can help you work through the alternatives.  

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Low-Cost Facility Hanging Systems
A Hanging System for Art Can Help Offices Create Art Displays

Office and facility designers can save money and increase satisfaction with display equipment that allows quick and easy modifications.

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Creative Benefits of Art Hanging Systems
Kaji Aso Studio is Equipped With a Gallery System Picture Hanging System

Curators and gallery owners traditionally have tried out placement and grouping ideas by laying artworks on the floor or leaning them against the wall. But neither gives a true sense of what the display will look like in place - see how to hang art a better way.

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Landmark Library Builds Community
Landmark Library Builds Community gallery

The John Spoor Broome Library, intellectual heart of the California State University Channel Islands campus, uses visual art (displayed on over 1000 feet of Gallery System wall track) to help build community.

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