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Kasse Andrews-Weller's Healing Vision

Artwork of American Flag made up of bandages hung on art hanging system

"I am a clay artist living in DC. My focus right now is on Heal US subject matter with clay band aids. I am also working through Uniting US with active duty, disabled veterans, their family members and caregivers — they were supposed to have an exhibit at the Hill Center at the Old Naval Hospital here in DC that was to open two days ago. It was such a disappointment to them, and we are not sure if it will be rescheduled."


Of the bottom image, Andrews-Weller says, "Everyone has stories. During this time of solitude, and with 350 pounds of clay in my studio.  I am reminiscing of my childhood memories with a new 'Tell Me a Story' series. I have expanded my Gallery System to go up the stairwell and will continue to add more track as more works are completed. Thank you for making a product that is so versatile and easy to install and display."


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Art Display on wall, multiple works hung on art hanging system
Five artworks hung on stairway wall using picture hanging system