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A Royally Attended Show for Artist Judy Tate

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We’d like to salute UK-based artist Judy Tate, who recently had the opportunity to show her work (using Gallery System equipment) at an event attended by The Prince of Wales.

Mrs. Tate lives in Poundbury, an innovative planned community that was started in 1993 under the guidance of Prince Charles to implement the communitarian and environmentally oriented New Urbanist urban design principles for which he has long advocated.

The Prince visits Poundbury regularly, and in November was scheduled to attend the opening of a new community church and senior living facility. The week prior, recalls Mrs. Tate, “I got a call from the church asking if had any paintings I could lend them. Being a brand-new building their walls, of which there are a lot, were bare.”

And given the pristine state of those walls, the organizers were not eager to start making holes in them.

Because Mrs. Tate has Gallery System’s equipment installed in her home, she knew it would be a good fit for the new building. Our colleagues in the UK were able to quickly supply a hanging system, and the event went off in grand style, with many of Mrs. Tate’s richly colored soft-pastel works on hand.

While protocols do not allow the posting of photos of the Prince viewing Mrs. Tate’s work, it’s clear he enjoyed and appreciated them, as do we. Congratulations and gratitude to Judy Tate, and we wish her and the entire Poundbury community many more wonderful exhibitions!