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My Favorite Exhibit: Artist Haley Coleman

Artist Haley Coleman Home Art Exhibit


(This post is part of our My Favorite Exhibit series, in which artists and art professionals discuss the most meaningful art shows they've been involved in - see more here)

Haley Coleman, painter of scenes from California’s Central Valley and proprietor of the The Farmer’s Wife Fine Art 

My own home is 100% my favorite exhibition. At home I am in charge, I curate, I call the shots, I control the exhibition. No gallery display or exhibition that I’ve participated in has given me the same feelings of creative freedom and accomplishment. 

As I’ve said before, having an Original Gallery System has been a great creative tool for me, and it’s also transformed the interior of my home. My artwork cloaks the entirety of the walls and it’s so fulfilling to see my art on a daily basis outside my studio. It elevates the professionalism of my home and my art to the next level.